Weather and Climate Tracker

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Weather and Climate Tracker

Published on Nov 02, 2020 by Tea Drinker


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Why should one install a weather application? There is already one built into the phone as you get it from the store.

However, some people want to use the same application on their phone and tablet, some want bigger type and more contrast in app design, some people come from countries that use different measurement units - specific needs might be different.

Then, just curiosity and pursuit of the new options do their job.

Weather & Climate Tracker is a simple tool to check the current weather and temperature in your location. It combines a beautiful design with the latest technologies for an optimal user experience. With this app you get all relevant weather data at a glance.

This app could be your personal weather guru. It is a simple and elegant application designed with a high attention to details, ensuring its users will always stay up-to-date with the latest local weather forecast for the city of their choice. The app has been designed with a clean and minimalistic design, but at the same time providing all the information one needs about the current weather conditions, as well as detailed information on temperature, wind speed and direction, etc.

Weather & Climate Tracker is a high-contrast weather app, which can be really useful for individuals living with low vision, color blindness or visual impairment. The app includes a dynamic Type version and large text that makes for clear viewing and easy reading. The app can be used with Accessibility features like VoiceOver and Spoken Content.

Familiar interface on all devices you own, high contrast, all details big enough for everyone to notice - this could be the right weather app for you.

There is also a web site with weather trivia available if you are really interested.