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+++ date = 2020-12-23T21:00:00Z description = “IQ Train - Number Snake Gam‪e‬: 4+ Snake vs Block Puzzle” image = “/images/snake_promo-1.png” title = “IQ Train”

+++ Have you ever played the legendary Snake game? The favorite game from our childhood with simple rules and clear gameplay. IQ Train is the combination of the classic Snake game and the brand-new addictive brain training puzzle game. Have fun and train your brain!

► How to play?

The train is made of colorful carriages and has various numbers. It’s easy, enjoyable but very challenging!

► Merge

Find the number equal to or smaller than the number on your last train car. Swipe to change the direction of the train, merge numbers and get points!

► Level up

Collect more numbers to level up your train! Get chain upgrades of cars to impress your friends! Plan, collect, win!

► Power up

Use powerful boosters to help you along the way:

◉ Don’t see a number to pick up? Use Solver!

◉ The board is too cluttered? Use Cleaner to clean up the board!

◉ Picked up the wrong number and can’t upgrade your train? Use Delete to get rid of that last car!

Train your brain on the go! Bite-sized gameplay is great for training your brain while commuting to work, during a lunch break and simply for 5 spare minutes a day!

Take 5 minutes of your day to de-stress and challenge yourself at the same time! Clear your mind, focus, set records and earn bragging rights! Enjoy juicy, clean and simple gameplay as well as the vivid and unique design.

Have fun with the relaxing puzzle game that really trains your brain and cheers you up!

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